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Lazy Sunday

Thank God it didn’t rain today, it’s been raining everyday since last week. I’ve been very lazy today, I just watched Troy, Brad Pitt as Achilles. The movie was long and how I wish the Trojans won the war 👿 It’s just insane to think that the Trojan War was started just because of a woman :dizzy: Helen of Troy is definitely “the face that launched a thousand ships” Literally! :mrgreen: I finally got to understand this phrase, lol. If you can’t understand what I’m saying here, watch the movie 😉

Aside from watching Troy, I did some cross-stitching the whole afternoon. I’m still far from 50% of the cloth. It’s a 20×12 inches frame with 280×168 stitches. It’s really big and you’ve got to do a lot of strategic stitching 😮 But I’m enjoying every thread of it 😉 And yes, when I’m lazy, I stitch :dizzy: Ironic.

Okay, goodnight, I’m gone now. ZZzzz ➡

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  1. yas. I washed some clothes. :mrgreen:

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