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Perez Hilton Tweets After Assault

Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas allegedly attacked Perez Hilton after the MuchMusic Awards, Sunday night in Toronto. The reason of the assault is still unknown. On his site, Perez Hilton.com, he even posted the event:

perez hilton much music

Then early Monday, Perez began tweeting about the assault:

perez hilton assault will.i.am

How can you actually think of tweeting if you are already bleeding? :dizzy: It would be last thing I’d ever do and it won’t even cross my mind, maybe plurk it – Still, NO :-S But I guess, I’m not like Perez Hilton 😆 But it’s good that Twitter helped him in getting the police fast with the help of his followers.

Perez Hilton on Twitter

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  1. because Twitter is KING!

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