My very own UST SIM Card! 🙂
ust sim card

How I wish we also have this before. Everyone knows that UST is a flood-prone university, every thomasian has somehow experienced to walk the flooded España and got trapped inside your classroom! So this is a good news for all thomasians out there: No more late announcements of classes suspension due to flood and storm! The students will no longer wait for TV and radio announcements. Everything is just a text message away! And it will surely be a great help to inform the thomasian community about the upcoming quadricentennial celebration.

UST partnered with Globe Telecom to give exclusive SIM cards to UST students, faculty and staff, and also alumni. And it’s for free 🙂 Definitely, good things in life are free! 😀 But hurry up alumni peeps, there are only 5,000 SIM cards for us.

How to claim your UST SIM card:

  1.  Go to the Main Building
  2. Look for the Office for Planning and Quality Management (room 110-A)
  3. Present your UST ID or Alumni Card
  4. Fill up the registration form
  5. Kiss your UST SIM card