Today is October 10, 2010! That’s 10-10-10. This maybe a special day because it won’t happen again for 1000 years, very cool. 😀 I will list the things I did today so I will not forget what happened on this once in a lifetime day 🙂

  1. We went to church to hear the 6:30 mass
  2. My breakfast was Yakisoba, Spicy Chicken
  3. I did the laundry.
  4. Checked my gmail, google reader and facebook
  5. Slept for 1 hour before lunch
  6. Our lunch was Fish with camote tops.
  7. Watched Party Pilipinas
  8. Set up the Christmas tree
  9. Pampered my mom with manicure and pedicure, she was very happy, lol
  10. Did my own nails, I tried the gradient effect I saw in a tutorial.
  11. Our dinner was pork with mixed vegetables
  12. And now I’m blogging. lol

Here’s our Christmas tree and my gradient nails:

Goodnight and sweet dreams!!! Happy 10-10-10 everyone! 🙂