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5 days to go before Christmas!

Hi everyone! 🙂 There are only 5 days left until Christmas but I still have more gift shopping to do :dizzy:

I just realized that this coming Christmas will be very a special one for my family because we will be celebrating it with my dad for the first time after his retirement 😀 And also the new year! Isn’t it cool? 😀 I’m getting excited already!

Anyway, one boring afternoon, my sister, cousin and I discovered a cool coffee shop in Centro Pacita! Talking about being random, lol. Feast your eyes on these!

vis maior

vis maior

The place was great, the crew was very warm and friendly, they would always smile. People can play some board games, too, like UNO card game, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Boggle and many more, just get them from the shelves, for free.

vis maior vis maior

I ordered a hot caramel macchiato and a chocolate cake, but that was a big mistake because that night I had a very hard time sleeping 😮 hahaha. I love Vis Maior, check them out at Centro Pacita, Pacita Complex 1, San Pedro Laguna 😉


  1. Hey there Minolah! This is lance from Vis Maior Cafe. Me and my wife really appreciate the nice article. ^_^ We are so happy that you appreciate our shop. Hope to see you again @ the shop and i can personally make and serve your coffee. Forgot to mention the Free WIFI too! 😛 oh i noticed you play pRO. We both play as well and i even worked for Level Up! Inc. heheh see yah. have a nice day

  2. Whoaa hi Lance! 😀 Yeah, I was really happy the last time we went there, so happy that made me blog about it 😀 Good luck with your shop! /no1 /gg

    I totally miss playing RO, kung kelan may libreng server na di pa ko naglalaro, lol

    Say hi to your wife for me 🙂 thanks again

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