Many people were outraged by the controversial decision of Acting Justice Secretary Alberto Agra, last friday. The resolution was to drop murder case vs. the 2 Ampatuans, Zaldy Ampatuan and Akmad Ampatuan, because there were not enough evidence to prove so. According to Agra, even though someone witnessed and testified that Zaldy Ampatuan is one of those who planned the massacre, there is still a strong evidence that Zaldy was not in Maguindanao when the massacre happened. Many of his state prosecutors were against the resolution and they said that they will not follow the orders of the secretary.

I don’t know why but I wasn’t really that surprised, I had this gut feeling even at the start of this whole circus that eventually something shameful will happen, and I was right. But I don’t have the right to say so, I have no access to the evidences and I have never been to any of the court trials, all I have is an instinct, that the Ampatuans really did it, sorry but that’s what I really feel. And I felt relieved to see another interview of Agra, he said that the resolution is not yet final, and he is open for any strong evidences and the victims can file a motion for reconsideration.

And by the way, Andal Ampatuan Jr. just announced that their family supports the Aquino-Roxas tandem. Noynoy’s response was like “He must be joking!” 😮