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Hair Evolution

Happy Easter Day! 🙂
I just stayed in our house for the holy week, which I always do every year since I don’t know when. Holy week is for the family 🙂

Due to boredom and lack of things to do, I find myself laughing at my old pictures 😀 And look what I’ve got here!



  1. Wahahahaa. Hanep sa kilay, girl. 😛

  2. LOL. I love jordan!

  3. yan ang kilay! tyet

  4. aww sexy yung target hair mo huh 😉 though ok din yung coffee prince look mo now…AJA!!!!

  5. Ay grabe, meron din akong hairstyle ni taylor dati — ung may buntot.. hehehehe

  6. nasakin pa yang buntot ko 😀
    ginawa kong bracelet

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