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Hairy post

I terribly miss my long black hair 🙁 I shouldn’t have cut my hair short, I was so stupid for even thinking of doing it, and now they punish me (the hair) for growing really slow. It’s been a year already but they are very stubborn, they won’t run out of my scalp, they just crawl, huhu. But patience is a virtue, and I’m the virtue girl! Ahihihi. But I really miss that hair, I’ve wasted its beauty, but come to think of it, I would have never realized its worth 😀 and yeah, it’s just hair 😛


  1. Is that my picture? (unsure)

  2. gusto ko din ng bagong blog. one ill blog to a lot lol. i want to buy lyndm.com again… i feel na my old blog is puno ng you know… him related stuff

  3. honga, dapat YOU related stuff naman. Buhayin ang lyndm.com!

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