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Hanson Weekend


My sister gave me a hansonized guitar pick! She bought it in Hanson.net. It’s a set of three guitar picks, with hanson’s signatures on it. I got the ikey pooh one, and she has plans of giving the other two to our hanson pals. She also bought the Middle of Nowhere Acoustic DVD/CD, and we watched it yesterday at their condo unit, after my appointment at the Medical City, their place is just a ride away.

Middle of Nowhere is the third album of Hanson but the first to be released on a major label, Mercury Records, it was released in 1997. MONA was recorded in 2007, to celebrate the 10th year of Hanson Kingdom on earth. My sister and I were both excited to watch MONA, we were screaming and giggling. Kikoy was already complaining, he would rather watch Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting, haha!

On the inlay card of MONA: Here’s to the first 10! 😀

I also bought a cuddle bag from the Kikay


  1. oh my this is the shiznit!

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