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Love Your Bra

I just bought a new bra last week at Sorci (Wacoal) and I’m loving it very much. My boyfriend patiently waited as I tried on a diversified range of bras, because I can’t afford to make a mistake, for these undergarments cost a LOT. But as weird as it may seem, the boyfriend feels comfortable surrounded by brassieres and lacy panties, so I have no problem with that. The saleslady was very nice, she’s very accommodating. When the saleslady was about to wrap it, she gave me some tips on how to take good care of our bras. That was a first for me, I’m happy that she cares. So here are the tips, with pictures.

It is advisable to hand wash your bra, just soak it in the water with detergent, and let it stay there for not more than 15 minutes because strong detergents can do damage over time. Gently rub the fabric and carefully squeeze out the excess water.

Hang the bra this way, so the cup won’t get deformed, away from direct sunlight:


And not like these:
bra bra

For traveling or storage, put some face towels, panties or socks into the cups:

My mother would always tell us to wear decent undergarments every time we go out, because accidents can happen and if someone will bring us to the emergency room, the doctor will not see scary panties, LOL.

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  1. nice tips and LOL at wearing ~decent~ undies.

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