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Michelle Obama’s Sneakers


First Lady Michelle Obama with Jill Biden (wife of US Vice President, Joe Biden) volunteered at the Capital Area Food Bank in Washington, D.C. last April 29, on their husbands’ 100th day in office. Together with more than 100 congressional spouses, they helped pack bags of meals for those poor kids in the area. But the focus is not on their good deed, but on Mrs. Obama’s sneakers!

She’s wearing a $540 sneakers, made by French designer Lanvin, one of fashion’s hottest labels, while feeding the poor? 😐 But what’s the big deal with that? Is it hypocrisy? Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with it, we all know that Mrs. Obama is like the new fashion icon right now, she just wants to wear something that will make her look good. I think her good intentions in helping is more important than what she’s wearing. And besides, it’s not her fault that the US is undergoing an economic crisis, it’s Bush’, lol 😮

$540 x P48 = P25,920
WHOA! I can buy a super computer with that money :-S

I wonder, does Imelda Marcos own a pair of sneakers? 🙄



  1. looks like a no no

  2. it’s a yes yes yo 👿

  3. hahahha yups i agree with you ever-bloomin Jo…obviously bein the US first lady, she has the money to buy such stuff and has obligation to do good deeds. she’s just bein real and i think the hypocrites are the sick-minded people who always meddlin in other people’s biz *wink wink*

  4. mayaman si michelle obama tignan nyo yung net worth nya dahil sa books na sinulat nun asawa nya. anyway di nyo din naman alam kung bigay lang sa kanya yun shoes. plus mayaman na sila before they became the president/ presidents wife. mas exaj naman kung tapon mo gamit mo or pamigay just cause you have to fake it with the poor.

  5. pero napansin ko ung cankles nya heh hindi yung shoes

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