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Missing Air France Flight 447

Last Monday, June 1, Air France Flight 447, with 228 people on board including a Filipino, was traveling from Brazil to France when it mysteriously disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean. I made my own representation of the accident, please don’t be bothered by the purple plane 😐

itcz air france flight 447

The plane left Rio de Janiero, it was bound for Paris, but it never showed up. The plane was travelling through the ICTZ (Intertropical Convergence Zone) when it was caught up by thunderstorms and turbulence. ICTZ is a region of low pressure circling the Earth at the equator. The ICTZ is the birthplace of hurricanes and it’s also a well-known place where very strong storms develop. This is a scary place for an airplane :-S And let me show you what a true ICTZ looks like:

intertropical convergence zone

You don’t want to go there do you? :dizzy:

According to the news, the Air france, a 4-year old plane, has a sophisticated radar that can surpass any violent weather. But I think nature is really powerful than any machines made by man.

The search continues and with hopes there are survivors. And the latest update was that a pilot of the search and rescue team saw some fire debris somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.


  1. ITCZ…

    Isaac, Taylor, Zac

    LOLZ 😀

  2. hahaha nice one betchai 😆

  3. whahahha ang galing galing naman ng presentation…sa bora flight kaya natin may ganyan? hmm hmm hahhaha saya nun! 😉

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