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cow caravan

When I was just a kid, I remember that I get really excited every time I see them, and until now I still do 😀 And I was so happy that I just recharged the batteries of my digital camera when the cow caravan passed our house. I quickly ran outside to take some pictures 8)

I want to know more about their lives as merchants, but I had a hard time googling them, I didn’t even know what keywords to use :-S I found out that they already use horses to pull their caravans, because they are cheaper than cows, but I haven’t seen one yet. Obviously, a cow is much stronger than a horse, but a horse is much faster. These merchants literally live in these caravans because they travel to far away places to sell their handicrafts. They would stop at grasslands and allow their cow to rest and feed on the grass. And sometimes, they also bring their whole family with them, just like having a road trip :mrgreen:

Although this kind of job can’t promise a good source of income, it still has lots of good sides. You don’t have to worry about the gasoline expenses, parking fee, toll fee, insurance, over speeding and emission tests, you can also enter a one way road, you can even double park! whew 😮

We bought this bamboo chair:



  1. wow! naaalala ko din dati sa kanila kami bumibili ng kulambo hahahha

  2. wtf. Finally. haz the picture! hahahha. I remember that chair. We used to have that, i think a couple. Nice job!

  3. mantsulit ang mga items na ningbebenta nila 👿

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