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One For One

Bless this day, because finally.. I took the walk! TOMS Shoes Philippines participated in this year’s One Day Without Shoes, and I will not let this event pass without me on it! It was held at the Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center. We walked barefoot, from South court to North court, it was a short one but I’m definitely proud of it. Maybe next year, they can make it longer and outside the real road. Thanks to my sister and Hanson friends who also walked beside me. Love you all!


So why am I so interested with this walk? Because it has a heart for those kids who have no shoes at all 🙁 Thus for the tag line: One For One. One child will get new shoes whenever you buy a pair of TOMS. And it feels good to just think that every time you buy TOMS, some kid out there, someone you don’t even know, is also happy and enjoying his new pair of shoes 🙂 Don’t forget this name: Blake Mycoskie, the great Founder of TOMS 😛

Thanks to Hanson, because of them I learned about TOMS 🙂 In 2007, my Hanson teamed up with TOMS to help kids in South Africa. And Hanson personally went there to drop off the shoes. They even had their fourth studio album named “The Walk” and conducted one-mile barefoot walks in every tour.
hanson africa

See you all next year! Let’s take the walk! 😀

I love TOMS!

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