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Rain and Freebies

Today my sister came over the house, so my plans for this day were cancelled 😐 But I don’t mind, it was raining dragons and monsters the whole day and besides I think I miss her, too. (EEEWWW) Anyways, she bought me the Tinted Windows album! And she gave me a Max Factor Lasting Color Lipstick (Diva Fuchsia) weeeee!

max factor lipstick

Ahihihi, I tried it and look:


I’m sooo happy 😀 :mrgreen: 😉 I’m going to wear it tomorrow. The internet connection is getting slower, blame it to the bad weather 🙁 I have to go, this PC needs some rest. Goodnight! 😛


  1. whoa! smokin hot hahahah bagay ever_bloomin jo *wink wink*

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