It’s a rainy Saturday, spending the whole day in our lovely home and I’m loving it 😀 I guess the summer season is finally over, and I still got no tan lines :dizzy: Yesterday, my boyfriend and I attended our Muay Thai training and I feel a bit weak but I had a great time 😉 Next week, students will be back to school, and that means HEAVY TRAFFIC, and more bus stops, oh god 😡

I’ve been watching lots of make up tutorials lately in the web, and I’m enjoying it (I also love watching cooking shows) And suddenly I feel like I wanted to try putting make up on my face. I’m not the girly type though but a few make up won’t hurt I guess. And the tutorials were fun to watch, at first the girl looks plain, and then voila! Her eyes were smoking hot 😀 I want to learn and experiment, too!

I will drag my mom to the mall tomorrow and look for something to start with, wish me luck 😉