Taylor Hanson at the Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ video

Hello everyone! There are only 5 days to go before Christmas! Yay! My shopping list is not yet finish, I still have to visit the crazy bazaars. But I’m very much happy because finally I got my Shout It Out Sunglasses from Hanson.net!!! Woohooo! 3 months ago, we ordered lots of Hanson goodies, together with my sister and a Hanson buddy. These sunglasses are inspired by the Thinking ‘Bout Somethin video, where Taylor wears a Ray-Ban 2132 Wayfarer.

HANSON is printed on the both sides of the sunglasses, and on the front right lens. It also has a very nice Tayfarer box, which I will preserve until eternity, lol.  The lenses are very dark, and I was joking to my sister that Taylor wants the fans to feel his role in the TBS video, lol. If you’re not a Hanson fan, you won’t get what I’m saying here, unless you want to google it, lol. The lenses have a UV 400 protection.

Tayfarer Sunglasses

Hanson printed at the sides of the glasses

I love my Tayfarer ^_^

Tayfarer sunglasses are selling like hot pancakes and currently out of stock in Hanson.net. Thank God I already got mine! Yehey!