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Summer time


Summer is officially here! It’s time to shed off those excess baggages and buy new bikinis 😀 Buying bikinis excites me, because I only do it once a year? Only in summer? LOL. But you don’t have to wear a bikini if you’ll be swimming in Manila bay. I heard from the news that Mayor Lim will prohibit swimming in the deadly waters of Manila Bay, yeah deadly. If you’ll think about it, who wants to swim in Manila bay? Well many, those who just want to have a happy quality time together with their families and friends who can’t afford expensive beaches and exclusive pools, they won’t care even if it’s polluted with hazardous chemicals or floating *toot*. Manila bay is the place to be, lol.


  1. Mukhang ewan naman yan 😀

  2. Pasaway itaw na bibi, kailangan nating hanapan ng sponsors ang minolah.com para sumikat!!!!

  3. whahahah hanggang dito ba naman kayo kayo pa din ang naguusap…nakikigulo lang 😀

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