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Evil Drivers Belong To Hell

Throughout my bus riding years (since my college days) I had never experienced an accident, not until last Monday. I was about to get off the bus (SM Megamall) when suddenly the driver stepped hard on the breaks, sending me rolling on the floor and reached the steps of the stairs. The bus conductor helped me to get up, because I couldn’t manage to get up by myself. I was very disheartened with the driver’s rude remarks, “Tumayo ka kasi.”

That was very inhumane and insulting. I can never forget his facial reaction, it was degrading and heartless. Or maybe, his face is really like that. I know it was an accident, and I’m not blaming him for stepping on the breaks, but the least he could have done was show some compassion and respect. He didn’t even bother to get out of his seat to help me, but waited for the conductor who was at the back. Have you ever had that feeling like the world has crashed on you and no one cares? That’s exactly what I’ve felt at that very moment! And I really won’t mind if he hugs me just to make me feel better, anything that can make me feel that I will be okay.

The bus driver and the conductor didn’t even ask me if I was alright or if I needed medical attention. Then I realized there’s no way to go but get out of the bus. I picked up my sandals and fixed my hair. At this point, I was still in shock. I was about to text my boyfriend, but luckily I already saw him walking towards me. And then I cried to him, this made my chest totally relieved. To cut it short, we filed a half-day leave at work and went to Medical City, Emergency Room. God Bless the doctors and nurses there, they were extremely nice.

That same day, we filed a complaint against the driver. I searched for Worthy/HM Transport’s office number, but no one answers the phone. So we went straight to their bus terminal, in Pacita 1 infront of Super Mightee (Meaty) Mart. I talked to their dispatcher and officer in charge, and they were very cooperative. They promised that they will pay for my medical expenses and the driver will be subjected to disciplinary actions. Yes, I want him to be suspended, but I doubt it, they can just put him in another bus time. WHO CARES!

Physical damage: some of my injuries are not included, e.g., butt part
worthy transport 893 bus injuries

Free wheelchair ride:
medical city emergency room wheelchair

I have to sleep now to start cellular regeneration, lol. Goodnight everyone. Stay safe!


  1. Haaaaay … most of these drivers are really heartless. In fact, there’s this really disturbing urban legend about bus drivers. The story claims that if they ran over a person, and the person is still alive, they would back-up the bus and ran over the person again to totally kill the person. This would save them the added burden of hospital dues, or so the story says. Scary huh, but I don’t know if it’s true though.

    • totoo po yan, mas magastos kasi pag nabuhay pa at kung minsan kahit mamatay ung nasagasaan di sila nakukulong. tsktsktsk

  2. girl!!!!!!!!!!! hope you’re doin ok now…tc always ayt? *hugs*

  3. Tsk tsk. Ang kupal naman nung driver. Tsk.

  4. Last Thursday, Nov 10, as I was turning in to Market-Market a Bus of Worthy with body no. 278 overtook at the corner and nearly hit my car and it also did not even wink or stop no matter how loud my horn was. Even after I went after them and reported him to his supervisor it didn’t bother him. he just look at me as if Iam just a housefly in his way . I wish someday they would encounter some big shot and shoot their driver and lets see who deserve what and the reaction of his conductor is who they hell are you to tell us how to drive.

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