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You, this song’s for you
Listen carefully and feel it, too
You can smile for me, and move your lips
Close your eyes, feel my finger tips
You give me butterflies
Flying through this heart of mine
Your sweet face is just enough
To give me butterflies

Recorded for the 28th time, still my voice sucks, argh, but I’m too excited to share it, LOL. But I’m still proud of this song, it somehow brought back the passion 🙂 Well, it needs a lot of polishing, specially the transition from first stanza to the chorus (uu, may chorus). I don’t know if I can still finish it because I’m having a hard time with the limited chords. Yeah, limited, maarte ako eh, lol. AND, he picked the chords himself, without knowing those were chords. HAHA. Btw, M is for Major.

Then again, the best part is, he will never know I have a song for him 😛 weee


  1. lol. what’s with the spokening dollar thing. are you trying to monetize? lol. sabi ng pwedeng lagyan yan ng. “wonderer..” “wondererr.”

    also, why is that I am not allowed now to sing the second voice like in the old mmmbopping days?

  2. hahaha! papatayin kita habang natutulog ka!

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