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Kalyo sa fingers


Araw-araw, di ako makapaghintay na pumatak ang alas-kwatro ng hapon para makauwi na ng bahay. Pagdating ng bahay, kakain muna at magkukulong na sa kwarto, dadamputin si Santiago 🙂 Last week lang namin siya binili. Hindi ko maalala kung kailan pa binili ung luma naming gitara, matagal na atang panahon yun, sirang-sira na nga siya eh, isang kanta palang kailangan mo na ulit itono, kaya ang kapal ng kalyo ko sa daliri.

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David Cook

David Cook’s amazing version of Always Be My Baby


The chorus part fills my heart with sunshine and incredibly makes me smile! HAHA. I’ve searched for the guitar chords and I’ve been playing it the whole weekend, and now I can’t wait to go home! Wah. Sana may gitara dito sa opis, lol.

And here’s the studio version:

But I still love the live performance, because of the violins 😀

And he’s from Tulsa, Oklahoma! MMMBop


You, this song’s for you
Listen carefully and feel it, too
You can smile for me, and move your lips
Close your eyes, feel my finger tips
You give me butterflies
Flying through this heart of mine
Your sweet face is just enough
To give me butterflies

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Highschool blues

I write songs when I was still in highschool, when my life was still easy, when my life revolved only in our small town, when I thought life would always be happy, lol 🙂 I still think that way, but some parts have changed, and it’s still good, I guess 🙂

Anyway, I’ve composed 3 songs, one song for my bestfriend, one song for nothing (ala lang), and one song for my ultimate highschool crush, lol. Graduation was near and it really made me sad because I will never see him again 🙁 It started out with just a poem, but I thought my feelings for him was so grand that I want to make it more dramatic and cooler at the same time, lol, then “How” was born. That’s the title. Ang cheesy! HAHA. But I love singing that song 🙂

But, he never knew I have a song for him, and I have no plans of telling him. Well, how? I have no idea where he is right now. lol. So I think that’s the interesting part.. How does it feel when someone composes a song just for YOU? And it’s a love song. Man, that would be the most beautiful feeling on earth, at least for me, because composing is talent and love combined, who will not appreciate that??

Sad to say, that was the last song I’ve composed. But… 🙂

I’d Like To

I’d, I’d like to put my fingers on you
I’d, I’d like to paint a picture for you
Sometimes you don’t understand where I’m coming from
I just like to make you see that
I desire the simple things

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